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Cross Country Scoring

Cross-country running is scored on a team basis. Points are awarded to individual runners equal to the position in which they cross the finish line. Only the first five on each team are counted towards that team’s score. Those runners that finish over fifth on their team are called “pushers,” because while they do not earn points for their team, they push up the point score of each opponent after them. Teams are awarded ranks based on the number of points their top five runners have, with lowest being best. The rules in the event of a tie vary depending on the competition. Often, the team which has a lower sixth-place runner is the winner. However, in the NCAA, the 6th runner is not used and ties are possible.

The lowest possible score is a 15 (1+2+3+4+5), achieved by a team’s runners finishing in each of the top five positions.

Meet the Coaches

Bill Dennison

Head Coach

Mark Yokum

Assistant Coach

Sara Parcell

Assistant Coach